Tips on how to really earn with blogging, youtubing and podcasting

Tips on how to really earn with blogging, youtubing and podcasting

Here some advice for people, who are starting new blog or youtube or podcast

1) are u ready to start a blog/youtube/podcast without earning single cent for 2 years?

2) why am i telling you for 2 years? because its NOT easy job at all! what are you thinking? do you think all people around the world are waiting for you to publish something and come and visit it?

3) so please before start whatever you want to do, think first, write your own business plan! why is it so important? its so simple because you won’t waste your time after that!

whats the meaning of that?

3-1) you need to think about your platform!

3-2) how do you want to make a content? what are your resources?

3-3) why people should come and read your content?

3-4) how much money do you need to spend!

3-5) which social media is good for you! what is your strategy for marketing! and ….

3-6) how do you want to earn money?

3-7) how do you want to make a loyal visitors and followers?

4) after you finished your business plan! sit behind your desk and do whatever you should do! what it means?

Example: after you finished your writing and post it, you just smile and enjoy what you did and expect all people around the world come and visit you and if its not happening! you are going to depression mood! DON”T LIVE IN YOUR DREAM , do something for that.

Debug process : dont stay behind your desk and check your google analytic and waiting for visitors!

REMEMBER : enough is not enough in this business! you need to be better from whatever you did yesterday! analyze your self and find your mistakes and make your self better

5) don’t spam, make something interesting and valueable, then 100% , people will come and see you. it doesn’t happen in one night! it needs time!

6) if you want to sell any product on your blog , youtube channel and … wait for “at-least 6 months!”

respect your visitors, create great contents, give them respect.

don’t think about “money…money…money…rich…rich…rich” in your first days, no one care about u, until you care about them

7) WRONG MARKETING STRATEGIES, you can’t find lot of followers!

share something interesting and wonderful content on your facebook page , share amazing images on your instagram.

if someone ask you like/follow my page, are u going and following him/her ? NOPE! we only follow people that related with our interesting.

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